Cyber Bullying and Its Corrective Measure

No matter how much the society progresses, the safety and security of our loved ones always remains our top priority. Since technology has updating from time to time, it’s pretty tough to catch up with it. However, if carefully notice all the tech up gradation has created problems and delivered the solutions to it themselves. As safety and security of individual holds of utmost importance, it would be pretty tough for a person evade from getting their personal data stolen online. But as there are bad people behind the computers, there are some good ones too.


With apps such as True Caller, Urget and many others you can often find out basic details about the person from only their personal mobile number. Since mobile phones have evolved, the concepts of cyber bulling, stalking, prank calls, etc. has been introduced to the world. To correct all these apps have become a necessity as one should not become a victim of such stressful and uncivilized practices. Half of our so called modern world problems exist only because of the modernization that we have brought up on ourselves. However, as prevention is better than cure, you should always suggest your loved ones to keep a check on such false activities and report the issue as soon as they can to a person who can make correct decisions. Many innocent people have been victimized by such incidents and sadly the number has been constantly on a rise.


Something that we can be happy about is that government bodies worldwide now acknowledge these issues and many other Not for profit organizations have also took up this task such urget In the digital age, to get a person’s information is no big a deal. The big deal is how responsible we are with it and how clear is our own conscious.