Everyone loves their 15 minutes of fame

Being famous feels good

Who doesn’t want to become famous? No matter how much someone talks about having the real abstract happiness of life and how it is not related to being rich or famous, the truth is that everyone would love the idea of having their 15 minutes of fame. Everyone wants the limelight; perhaps the amount of limelight that one always desires might be different from one person to another but there is no one who would hate being the centre of attention every now and then. And why wouldn’t people feel that way?

Why wouldn’t people enjoy when random people come up to them and tell them that they really like them and that they are a fan? Who wouldn’t want VIP treatment wherever they go and people queuing up just to have a glimpse of them? Everyone wants to feel special and becoming famous and popular is the best way to be made to feel special by people no matter where you are. The world of internet and social media has now made it much easier than it ever was to become famous. Even people who really shouldn’t be famous are now becoming renowned around the world thanks to their antics on the internet and social media sites such as instagram. However, if you are someone who has real talent and feels that you do deserve to be in the limelight, than why not?

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