Richest celebrities Donatella Versace and her story

Born to an Italian family, Donatella Francesca Versaceis the youngest of the four children born to her father. Her father was a financier to the Italian aristocracy. Donatella owns, approximately 20% of the entire Versace industry making her one of the richest celebrities.

Donatella the woman:

Donatella followed her older brother’s footsteps Giovanni into the fashion industry through knitwear design in Florence. She had pre-notions about working in the public relations department.Her brother dedicated a perfume range called blonde, as well as her own label versus. The label Versus remains in the Versace line.

She was very close to her brother and was heavily affected by his death. She also announced for a palazzo Versace in Dubai, with luxury villas, and exclusive spas.Donatella has 2 children, namely Allegra Versace and Daniel Paul beck. Her first husband Paul Beck, who was a model, fathered both the children.

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The business and the woman:

Donatella is well known for her charity work. She had suffered poorly in the department of drugs and was a chain smoker. With the infliction of multiple cosmetic surgeries, she had tried to keep hold of her young look. However, with excessive drug abuse and surgeries, her once beautiful face has deteriorated.

She had taken the Versace line into a throbbing level of success. With many retail stores all around the world, the entire business takes a net worth figure of U.S. $ 2.3 billion.Versace and her brother Santo are the owners of the Versace group. Along with the group, Donatella is also a board member of the Elton john aids foundation.

Born to a family with money and talent, Donatella has paved her way with immense hard work to become one of the richestcelebrities. If you are a fan of Versace, you might know the captivating glory of the handbags and clothing range.